At Moerdijk we have a warehouse of 40,000 m2 offering space for 120,000 pallet locations. The warehouse consists of various compartments, is provided with sophisticated technical innovations and meets the requirements of safety level four. It is connected to our WMS system, where all operations are scanned and made available in our Web-Portal that gives real-time information 24/7.


In collaboration with Vanderlande our warehouse has had an ADAPTO since 2017. This is a robotized multi order picking shuttle system, offering 51,000 storage locations. The ADAPTO is connected to our WMS system for an optimal pick & order process and is suitable for both B2B and B2C operations.

In the warehouse at Moerdijk various goods are stored, such as fashion, electronics and raw materials. We also offer reverse logistics for B2B and B2C. Return orders are received while carrying out several quality checks according to your SOP. Then we will re-condition the received items, before these are stored again. As this warehouse has a licence for a bonded warehouse, we can store goods both ‘bonded’ and ‘not-bonded’.

At several airports we have storage capacity and cross-dock facilities together with various partners. Everything related to our e-commerce service is received at our Amsterdam facilities. In the Rotterdam area we have facilities for cross-docking containers and the storage of (bulk)goods. In this area we can also store vegetables, fruit and other foods. At this facility we have sufficient space for refrigerated consignments.


Our modern warehouses offering space of over 70,000 m², stand out as they are easily accessible, efficient and safe. Our facilities are perfectly suited to store all kinds of goods, to manage them for you and to distribute them. Besides the standard warehouse solutions, our skilled employees can assemble products, pack and repack, and label them

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Van der Helm offers effective and efficient logistic solutions. We have many years of experience in the field of transport and logistics which makes us creative and effective in taking care of your transports and the Customs and tax formalities.

Van der Helm delivers custom-made logistics that meet your requirements and needs. Obviously we have all necessary certifications and licences.

Our full range of services offers you:

  • insight in your stock-control
  • transparency in our services
  • independent and neutral service