Van der Helm has a very experienced team of specialists in Customs and tax matters who are well informed of all the ins & outs in the field of the relevant legislation. Rules, legislation, inspections and taxes are a fully integrated part of your logistic chain.


Neutral Customs Services can advise you and take care of all your Customs and tax formalities. This department not only takes care of all formalities within our organization, but is also a neutral partner for our external relations.

Neutral Customs Services takes all the following tasks off your work:

  • preparing all temporary import and export documents
  • declaring goods
  • preparing transit and export documents
  • preparing and breaking down documents of origin
  • applying for BTIs
  • processing Customs formalities of e-commerce shipments
  • applying for licenses
  • supporting and applying for your AEO certification
  • executing the internal audits of your Customs processes
  • specific training of your employees in the field of Customs and tax aspects
  • processing e-commerce packages by means of the VENUE license

Limited Tax Representative

Neutral Customs Services can act as your Limited Tax Representative. We will take all the tax formalities off your work so that you do not have to get deeper into this matter. All declarations (VAT, Customs and Intrastat) are processed by Neutral Customs Services. By making use of the VAT number of Van der Helm you do not have to register for VAT, while benefitting from a cash-flow advantage as no (under specific conditions) physical payment of VAT is necessary.

Our dedicated specialists are ready, as your neutral partner, to process your administrative process as smoothly as possible.

Neutral Customs Services:

  • can act as Limited Tax Representative
  • takes care of a smooth and accurate processing of all formalities related to shipments
  • is AEO-full certified
  • gives advice in complex Customs and Tax matters
  • is your e-commerce partner
  • helps you finding solutions

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